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Create Your Future, Reject Autopilot by Javnyuy Joybert

“If you allow your future to unfold on its own (autopilot) you will cry and end up with, but if you decide to create your future with intentional thinking and action, you light from the place of fulfillment, significance and results” Javnyuy Joybert Your life cannot experience desired manifestation on autopilot You career cannot break...
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Javnyuy Joybert Recognized Thought Leader

Javnyuy Joybert is a celebrated global thought leader. He has been recognized by Thinkers360 which is a Dallas, Texas (US) based largest & premier marketplace for thought leaders and influencers among the Top 100, Top 50, Top 25 and Top 10 thought leaders in the fields of business continuity, business strategy, change management, organizational culture,...
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What Clients, Mentees & People Say About Javnyuy Joybert (Mr. Remarkable)

I do not take the privilege God has given me to be a in a position where I can positively influence lives, careers and businesses of people from different sectors of life for granted.  I decided to pick out a couple of strong reviews different amazing people have said about me either in comment sections,...
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Startup 101 (The 12 Commandments) by Javnyuy Joybert

Startup 101 (The 12 Commandments) by Javnyuy Joybert Fundamentals of Business Start Up – Ref: StartupSchool 1. Fully understand customers’ problems and ensure the product/service meets their needs (Ease their pain). 2. Launching a mediocre product as soon as possible, and then talking to customers and iterating, is much better than waiting to build the...
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Young People, Fix Your Own Inequality – Javnyuy Joybert

Rise up and fix your own inequality, especially if you think you are at a disadvantage as far as life is concerned. A research on the network gap by WEF, shows that living in a high-income neighbourhood, going to a top school and working at a top company can lead to a 12x advantage in...
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Javnyuy Joybert Nominated: Best Entrepreneur of the Year

PAN AFRICAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL (PANAFES) Excellence Awards management recently announced list of nominees for their annual PANAFES Excellence Awards September 2021 and Javnyuy Joybert was among the nominees with other bright minds under the patronage of Cameroon’s Ministery of Arts and Culture. To vote, follow this link scroll down to Most Innovative Entrepreneur of...
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