Going Beyond Expectations

What I Do

I get my greatest satisfaction and joy seeing clients experience life changing moment that shift their entire life to a whole new level.

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Personal Coaching

Through practical and hands-on approach, I coach clients to break barriers, become risk takers, become unafraid and produce consistent results as peak performers. My clients rage from University students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, business executives and just about anyone who is seeking for something bigger

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development coaching is aimed at one thing, helping business leaders make a dramatic shift in their operations and effectiveness as business leaders (executives). Javnyuy is an expert in innovative enterprise development practices and remarkable experience and passion in business coaching that produce results. Javnyuy give teams, managers and the entire enterprise the tools to deliver relevant business value.

Corporate Training & Consulting

Javnyuy’s objective is to help create measurable change, remove obstacles to peak performance leading to organisational effectiveness and productivity.

Core services include executive & staff coaching, strategic planning, process innovation, strategic execution & implementation and corporate culture.
Our clients range from Startups, Small & Medium Sized Businesses, NGOs, Religous Denominations among others

Is your institution experiencing slow and stunted growth? Do you need an expert that will take you where you want to be? Lets get to work, book an appointment.

Career Growth

Experience signficant improvements in your personal and professional life with the help of an expert coach through practical proven approach. Become more confident and fulfilled in your career and deliver the extraordinary always.

The career coaching program is customized for individuals to work with them to bring out the best in themselves regardless of their professional level

Soft Skills Development

Here is Javnyuy’s belief “If you want to go to the next level in life, acquire the skill that next level requires”.
Javnyuy is a soft skill development expert with tremendous passion and commitment to train you to acquire relevant soft skills that will propel you to your pinnacle. Some of these soft skills include

– Self Leadership
– Team Work & People Management
– Emotional Intelligence
– Communication & Presentation
– Flexibility & Adaptability
– Initiative & Problem Solving
– Work Ethics & Integrity
– Self Confidence & Motivation
– Organizational Skills
– Negotiation
– Handling feedback
– Decision Making

They are the skills that are difficult to systemize and automate. They are the skills that define leadership and creativity.

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