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What other say about me

“I had the privilege of meeting Javnyuy Joybert and attending his event “A Date With Success”. I was thrilled by how young and intelligent he was and how much knowledge he had to give us All to help propel us as Humans, young Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business owners… to the next level. I left fulfilled and hungry to learn more”

Stephanie Tum.
Award Winning Actress
Founder & CEO, Embi Productions

Spending an hour in the company of Javnyuy Joybert is more than a thousand hours spent elsewhere. Each time you read from, listen to, connect and or exchange with Joybert through any platform, you’ll feel positive energy, download ample wisdom and knowledge, and be motivated to dream big, appraise life better, and fearlessly wade through the Odyssey of life thereafter. He’s got the Midas touch when it comes to inspiring and spurring others to excel in their personal and corporate life

George C. NEBA
Social Entrepreneur
Afro-Real Initiative.

From the day I came across Javnyuy my life has greatly change he took less than 3 days to change my thinking, especially when he launched his book 35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success. The book I call the book of books because its so unique, you are a great blessing to our generation Sir

Tantoh Dickie.
CEO, Tantoh & Sons Enterprise

It’s never too late to make a U-turn,” says Javnyuy. At times many people feel ashamed of what people will say if they realize they have failed in certain areas as an entrepreneur and decided to go out of the market. This statement has kept me moving because i don’t think all my decisions taken has been the best but when i come across this statement i just have to be bold and start over again without going out to the market

Anu Bryan Nkwetta
CEO, ANU Consulting & Leadership Services